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Rules and pricing


It is not allowed to lend their carriage to anyone other than the immediate family in straight or descending joints. Subletting or resale of the space is not allowed. If you want to sell a carriage with space, it must be approved in advance. Terraces must be removed upon termination unless the next tenant wants to buy it. Building terraces outside the awning is not allowed. Casting of walls or other fixed installations is not permitted. A small tent is allowed for the use of small children next to the parents' carriage if it does not bother the neighbors. Visitors are advised to park at the driveway. Visitors with a wagon or tent can not stand in the area, but must rent around the clock. 24-hour guests must be allowed to stand on the vacant terrace of the owner of the terrace. If you want to stand over a season you can not expect to get the same place again, unless otherwise agreed.


All seasonally paid caravan sites must have power meters installed, until meters are installed, a daily fee is payable. The meter should be mounted upright inside the trolley. There must be a complete line between the outlet and the meter, without branch plugs. Cable on the ground must be disconnected when returning home. The meter is read by the 1st user day each year, possibly upon departure upon termination in the middle of the season, and paid before departure. The meter must be read by us to get credit consumption kWh outside the space. We reserve the right to check the meters. If the meter is not read or by other irregularities, we calculate a discretionary fee.


The renter must keep the area around the carriage in order. Lawn mower can be borrowed from us and used only by adult persons. Avoid using gasoline engine mowers on Sundays, and daily between 18:00 and 09:00. Lawn grass is laid in designated place. Discarded terraces, building remains and the like must be driven to an approved waste disposal site. The garbage container should only be used for household waste! We have repeatedly experienced that broken chairs, tents and the like are thrown in our containers and trailers! Remember to sort food waste (green bags) from residual waste (white bags). The bags are discarded in labeled containers.

Regulations nail tent

Havblikk decided at the board meeting on January 22, 2009 to allow nail tents for seasonal / full-year campers. Havblikk has in January 24, 2009 in cooperation with the Caravan Club's local representative Arnstein Jensen prepared a regulation. Morten Heinfjell also attended the meeting and provided useful input. The decision entails the following:

When introducing permission to nail tents, it is possible that certain areas of the campsite must be regulated. As of today, the wagons are driven in place with a tractor. Should this still be possible, with fixed installations instead of plates, some places may need to be moved.

Some seasonal pitches are unsuitable for nail tents. If seasonal campers in such places want a nail tent, they must be willing to relocate to another area / location. Prior to setting up a nail tent, the holder, Havblikk, should be contacted for professional technical assessment. Fire safety is an element of assessment. Driving in and out another. If a nail tent is to be considered, it must be considered in each case and permission obtained from the holder, Havblikk.

Securing the nail tent is entirely the responsibility of the owner. The nail tent must be properly grounded, either with concrete piles, or heavy strings. If the carriage is removed, the doorway must be closed properly. In the event of termination of seasonal space, the same regulations apply to nail tent, as to seasonal space in general. Ie unless a new tenant at the site is interested in taking over a nail tent, the area must be cleared by the owner / the person leaving the seasonal site.

Size, frame construction:

Height: The roof of the nail tent should not exceed the height of the carriage.

Width: Max 3 meters. Some seats may not be suitable for maximum width.

Length: Max 5 meters.

  • The nail tent should consist of 4, four, walls with opening for door to carriage.
  • The nail tent should be painted in egg white color (standard for all pre-painted windows and doors).
  • No other color spot is allowed.
  • Plate outside the nail tent is considered in each case. Flat in extension of nail tent, the same length as trolley is allowed erected without special permission.
  • Doorway should face the carriage pull.
  • The roof must be sloped down from the roof of the carriage (except Landhouse).
  • Roof tile must be black.
  • Gutters must be fitted.
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers must be fitted.
  • By agreement with the holder, Havblikk, deviations from the general regulations can be accepted.

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