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We have 100 spots for short-term stays with a motorhome, caravan or tent. High standard and clean common areas such as toilets, showers, TV room and kitchen means a lot to our guests.

Caravan, motorhome and tent pitches with good facilities. The pitches are on the lawn. You can choose whether you want to be right in the center where it is life and fun or more for yourself in a quiet environment without traffic. Access to two sanitary facilities, two communal kitchens, a TV room and wireless network all over the place. Please note that wireless networks are provided by third parties and may not always be available.

Washer and dryer

The pitches are on the lawn with trees that provide good shade for the sun. Here you can choose whether you want to be close to sanitary facilities. Or a little further to the facilities, but a fantastic view of the sea, the harbor and the islands outside.

We are NBCC Top camping


Contact us if you want a year-round or seasonal place. Together we take a walk and see where it may be suitable for you / your carriage. Every spring there are always some vacancies. In consultation with you, we find a place where you can enjoy the Nesna life.

We have some great seasonal caravan vacations available. Some at the beach and some at the boathouse. Here it is important to be "first come, first served & #8230;" In total we have 100 seasonal caravan seats.

Last weekend in April we aim to get most of the carriages in place for the season. Meet up! Except this weekend: remember to arrange tractor driving before you come by car! We may not be present for a moment. Driving by car on the lawns in the spring solution results in "tedeslainn" (robbery room for "potato land"). It is therefore not allowed and violation entails liability.

Include membership certificate and completed NCC contract, or fill in the reception upon arrival. The season fee is index-adjusted.


Our tent sites are on Sjåberget. Unique views of the sea, islands and marina. Shielded from motor traffic and noise. The car must be parked outside the area. There you will be "alone" in the center of the campsite. We have some tent sites right next to the sanitary facility, right in the middle of the square. Convenient if you need a short distance to sanitary facilities and kitchens.

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