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Fantastic ingredients, excellent craftsmanship, and pleasant waiters guarantee a good dining experience. We serve a "Nesna-meets-world" & #8211; menu where local and organic produce plays a major role.

Here you are all welcome, whether you are in the bike pants or the fine dress. During the summer season, the outdoor dining area is a great meeting place for guests and residents, boaters and students.

Hostess Nina is happy to serve completely true robbery stories, and is a living reference when it comes to travel and dining tips on Helgeland.

Welcome, you too!


OUR MENU SEE OUR MENU FILLED OF FRESH MATERIALS appetizers Scallops Fra Nesøy. Cheviche, servert med focaccia, ruccola, eple, selleri, hvitløk, chalottløk, lime, paprika og sesamfrø. S, Sø, GH Carpaccio Vestfjordskinke av hval, fra Lofoten. Serveres med tyttebærkrem og ruccola. Fish soup Kremet, med hvit fisk og laks, grønnsaker og foccacia. GH, F, S, M Main courses Dronninga Kveite fra Nesna. Sous vide. Serveres med potetmos eller amadinepoteter,friske urter fra Hugla, grønnsaker, ertepure og smør med kapers. F, E, M Øyværing 3.0 Pannestekt laks, fra Kvarøy. Serveres med pappardellepasta, kapers, oliven, squash, friske urter fra Hugla, og tomat- og koriander pesto. F, Se, M Antrekått av storfe fra Helgeland, servert med grønnsaker, potetmos eller amadinepoteter, og rødvinssaus. Helgelam Lammecarre. Serveres med potetmos eller smørdampet amadinepoteter, grønnsaker, rødbeter og rødvinssaus. See, M Spagetti Bolognese Deilig kjøttsaus med elg fra Hugla og svin fra Helgeland. So, Se, GH Fiskesuppe, stor Kremet, med hvit fisk og laks, grønnsaker og foccacia. GH, F, S, M Ferske blåskjell Hvitvinsdampet i gryte, aioli og foccacia. 0,5 kg. GH, F, S, M desserts favorite Sjokoladefondant. Serveres med iskule, pikekyss og friske bær. GH, M apple Lang Aurora's fresh apple pie with Norwegian apples. Serve with ice cream. GH, E allergens: Glye Hwheat, Skalldyr, Egg Fical, Soyabønner, Melk, NOtter, Seelleri, Sennep, Sesamfrø


Bring your group and visit our restaurant by the sea.

The professional part takes place in our new meeting rooms. Three meeting rooms, from 2 to 35 people. The live scene is a nice plenary room for up to 100 people.

Enjoy lunch and dinner in our new Aurora restaurant. The hostess often tells a story of robbery or two between the dishes, or as a result of the dessert. We serve good wines tailored to the menu. The menu is rooted in great ingredients and good craftsmanship.

Sleep in comfortable cabins and rooms. Hotel / junior suite-standard. We can accommodate a maximum of 45 people in single rooms. 80 people, if rooms / cabins can be shared.

Day two, we would like to run a kayaking course in collaboration with Sea and Firtid, boat trip with our very comfortable "Perfect Moment", or intense sea eagle safari and rafting with Visit Nesna. Fjord fishing with the skate "Nesnakroken" or "Nykværing", is a beautiful nature experience at slow speed and with soothing thump-dunk music from the engine in the background.

Team Building - toys for adults - customize the group and the time we have available. Laughter and unpretentious competitions shake your gang together.

Contact with us for a non-binding offer of meeting rooms, food and experiences.

Perfect for groups of 10 - 50 people.

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