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Here at our campsite there is plenty to find. In summer, water slides are open every day at 1200 - 1800 when the weather permits !!!

Pool, sun beds, refreshments and a large playground for the kids.

We are right by the beach, and in the shoreline there is a myriad of lives that exploring children know to appreciate.

The water slide is closed right now.
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Deep sea fishing is good all year round. We have a lot of fish and we warmly welcome you to try your luck. You can get: Cod, saithe, sea trout, salmon, herring, mackerel, redfish, lyre, halibut, flounder etc.

We have many nice fishing spots and you can fish both from land and from boat. We have some good places where we think you have good opportunities to secure a men's meal. Common tools are trout, cheating or fishing with rod. At Havblikk you will get answers to all the detailed questions about fishing in Nesna.

No matter the time of year, the fishing opportunities are great. Minimum size and quota for tourist fishing see:

A boat driver test is obligatory from 2008 and onwards. However, if you are over 50, you will get away with experience. You should have some prior knowledge of using the boat and moving at sea before embarking. Life jackets is mandatory. Take the trip in good weather. Keep in mind that the weather can be changing quickly.

Fishing guide, boat driver and boat rental
Ask us at the reception or call us +47 75 05 65 40


Perfect for deep sea fishing:

19 foot archipelago jeep. Max 8 pers
Engine: 50 HP Yamaha
Price NOK: 350 NOK per hour. NOK 1 250 per 12 hours / day
Deposit: NOK 3 000

Fuel per liter: NOK 25 at the landlord if you choose not to refill the tank after use. Pump price at Best Petrol Station by the ferry terminal.

For your safety, the boat rental contract and safety form must be completed before you can go out with the boat (s).

Perfect Moment, Nimbus, 38 ft. Max 9 pers
Sightseeing, fishing, scuba diving, water sports and a long trip
Only with skipper
Engine: 2 x 260 Volvo Penta. March speed about 20 knots
Price NOK: Price agreed, visit our reception or call us at +47 75 05 65 40

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Diving in Nesna as a starting point is characterized by the experience of clear water and a rich sea. The destinations are easily accessible, here you find a lot of unexplored nature and a lot of wrecks. Feel free to contact us for more information. Telephone: +47 75 05 65 40


Hiking in the surrounding area can be so many things. Everything from a short walk in the shore after dinner, to a trip up to Sjonfjellet. Here we have compiled some tour suggestions for you. Feel free to check with us at reception what we recommend. We also organize guided tours on request.

With Nesna as a starting point, you will find walks for every taste on the islands of Hugla, Handnesøya and Tomma. You can take your family on light walks, aim for the fishing lakes or the high peaks. Here are challenges for everyone. Small or large. Well trained or not.

On you will find well-described tours on Nesna and the islands, as well as neighboring municipalities. On you will find the tourism association's tours throughout Helgeland.

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